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By David Guyatt

 Part two

 Banished by the Bavarian government in 1787, following the discovery of secret documents outlining its long-term plans to wrest control of the planet, the Illuminati went underground.  Founded by Professor Weishaupt just 11 years earlier, in 1776, at the University of Ingolstadt, the Illuminati’s aim was to establish a New World Order through the use of revolution, warfare and strife.

 With some foresight, Weishaupt had earlier allied his order with the powerful Masonic networks that were spreading like wildfire through Europe and America.  These connections proved invaluable for the survival of Illuminism.  By some accounts this secret doctrine found favour in England, at All Soul’s College, Oxford University – home of the secretive Rhodes-Milner “Circle.” This group, formed in deepest secrecy by Cecil Rhodes and Lord Alfred Milner, are credited with lighting the fuse that led to both World wars this century.  Like the Illuminati, the “Circle” sought world domination and carefully orchestrated world events to ahcieve this goal.

 In America, Weishaupt’s doctrine of a New World Order is, today, closely paralleled in the clandestine Order of the Skull and Bones – an elitist secret society formed at Yale University in 1833. The “Order” counts among its past and present membership the cream of America’s “Eastern Establishment.”  This has included very senior political figures, including a recent former US President: George Bush. 

 Both groups have worked in unison for almost 100 years – always furtively and behind the scenes – Together they form the backbone of the so-called Anglo-American relationship – often referred to as the “Special relationship.”  By all accounts, their furtive methods involve manipulating world events and forcing opposite ends of the political spectrum into collision.  The resulting conflict, whether it be wars, revolution or financial crisis always benefits them personally, but are invariably designed to advance their carefully laid plans for global conquest.

 Academic, Anthony Sutton revealed in part one of his book on the Order of the Skulll and Bones their origins and methods.  The key to their success is Hegelian dialectics, Sutton believes.  Confrontation and the ensuing disarray place additional power in their hands.  The process is incremental and slow, so that it is not obvious to the uninitiated.  Sutton emphatically states that based on a large file of internal Order documents in his possession, he can explain “why the West built the Soviets and Hitler; why we go to war, to lose …why the Churches have become propaganda founts, why historical facts are suppressed, why politicians lie.”  The “Order” is behind all things, manipulating from the shadows.  Also disclosed are the peculiar occult rituals that some observers insist are satanically inspired.

 Each year The “Order” seeks to recruit 15 new members.  These are carefully selected and “tapped” in the dead of night.  Such is the Order’s ominous power and reputation few dare decline.  Once tapped, the 15 neophytes are taken to the Chapter house located on the Yale Campus.  There, they are initiated in the ways of the Order.  Initiates are placed in a coffin and are chanted over.  The ritual is designed to mimic his death and rebirth into society.  Thereafter his is removed from the coffin, given robes bearing strange symbols and a bone with his name on it is tossed into the “bone heap.”  Each new member is given a secret name.  As part of the ritual initiates are sworn to silence and firmly instructed to deny membership.  In addition they must reveal to all present, in minute detail, their most intimate sexual experiences and proclivities.  This procedure is designed to create a long-life bond, which by all accounts it does: the fear of blackmail. 

 Significantly, the Order is powerfully geared to the outside world, rather than University life – which is used as a recruiting ground.  Members always receive preferential treatment in their later employment and promotion comes easily.  In a September 1977 article published in Esquire, journalist Ron Rosenbaum, stated that anyone in the so called Eastern Establishment that is not a member of the Skull and Bones, is almost certainly a member of either the Scroll and Key or Wolf’s Head.  Both also are Yale secret fraternities and are, in Sutton’s view, part of the same network.  Non-the-less it is apparent that the Order sits at the very pinnacle of power.

Listing all the names of those initiated into the order is difficult, due to the inherent secrecy.  But it is known for example, that former US President George Bush was initiated in 1948.  Other members include Averell Harriman (1913), McGeorge Bundy (1940), William Buckley (1950), Russell Wheeler Davenport (1923), Henry P. Davison (1920),  Henry Luce (1920), William Taft (1878), William Whitney (1863), Senator John Kerry (unknown), Senator John Chafee (unknown) and Winston Lord Bones class of 1959 and present Chairman of the powerful CFR and a prominent Bilderberger).

 Bonesman are also heavily involved with the Intelligence community.  In fact the term “spooks” used to describe a clandestine agent, was originally Yale argot for a secret society member.  According to Covert Action Quarterly there is a “Bones club” inside the CIA that promotes the careers of its members.  Likewise Bonesman are well-represented in journalism and publishing.  Henry Luce is famous for building Time-Life into a publishing empire with global reach.  Richard Danielson was the former publisher of Atlantic Monthly, a magazine specialising in foreign policy issues.

 According to German writer, F. William Engdahl - a graduate of Princeton University, and a expert on the international petroleum industry – all the major wars of this century have been caused by the Anglo-American establishment that controls banking and oil.  In his heavily researched book “A Century of War,” Engdal attributes World wars one and two, Korea, Vietnam and the Gulf war on these Machiavellian schemers.  In this regard he is in agreement with Sutton and other authorities that have painstakingly researched the subject.  The correlation is interesting for the Bonesman are well known for their connections to the oil and banking professions.

 The manner in which wars are created reveal the true nature of the Anglo – American “special” relationship, according to some observers.  From WW11 onwards, the emphasis of this relationship shifted from London to New York, and has remained there ever since.  But prior to 1939, the key political power rested in the boardrooms of London’s financial centre and amongst a small circle of powerful insiders able to direct foreign policy behind the scenes.  Variously known as the Cliveden “Set,” the Milner “Kindergarten” or just simply the “Circle,” Professor Carrol Quigley charges them with being directly responsible for World Wars 1 & 11. 

 Lord Alfred Milner, along with selected members of his “kindergarten” – often referred to as the “Brotherhood” - was one of the key figures involved in establishing, in 1919, the Royal Institute for International Affairs.  Known as “Chatham House, the RIIA was formed alongside the American Council for Foreign Relations in the wake of WW1.  Chatham House had grown out of the “Round Table” groups that had been instigated at the wish of Cecil Rhodes.  By all accounts Rhodes was, besides an active Freemason, a grand conspirator who planned a World Order under British auspices.  To this end he prepared a number of wills stipulating how his immense wealth was to be spent to achieve this aim.  His last will established the now prestigious Rhodes Scholarship that selects students from all over the world to attend Oxford University.

 Rhodes dream of a world federated under the British flag initially resulted from his University days at Oxford.  There he was mesmerised by John Ruskin, an academic with a mission.  Ruskin had a low opinion of democracy and preached that a small elite should control the world.  Gripped in a fever, Rhodes set about forming a secret society to further these aims.  In 1891 this society was formed with a “Circle of Initiates” including, besides Rhodes, Lords Esher, Milner, Rothschild and Grey.  These and later members devoted the rest of their lives to this quest.  After his death, Rhodes secret society grew and prospered.  In America it became knows as the “Eastern Establishment” according to Prof. Quigley – which as we have seen is also dominated by a secret society – The Order of the Skull and Bones. 

 If there is a key to understanding how the New World Order operates – clearly not so very new at all – it is necessary to return to Anthony Sutton’s “Magnus Opus” on the “Order.”  In his second volume of the four part series, Sutton reveals how committed Bonesmen "create war and revolution" by artfully applying Hegelian dialectics that lies at the heart of Illuminism.  Politically, left and right are played against each other to create a new synthensis.  This dialectic is disarmingly known in foreign policy circles as “crisis management,” Sutton says.  The art is to create a crisis, fuel it as necessary but always manage it.  Following the resulting and all too apparent chaos, those who guide the New World Order digest another bite-sized chunk of hegemony.

 Meanwhile, one aim of those who are said to control our destinies is almost achieved, some observers believe.  The greater wealth of the planet is securely in the hands of the few.  According to recent statistics almost 50% of the world’s riches are currently owned by a relatively small handful of the richest people.  This process continues apace.  At the same time sovereign power is being whittled away and transferred to supra-national bodies like the European Union.

 The Secret University Connection

 The Illuminati was founded on 1 May 1776 by Professor Adam Weishaupt, at the University of Ingolstadt.  Later, in 1787, it was outlawed and is said to have gone underground.  The Rhodes-Milner “Group” or Brotherhood was founded - apparently along secretive Freemasonic lines - at All Soul’s College, Oxford University in the late 17th century.  The Order of the Skull and Bones was formed at Yale University in 1832.  Financing for the latter derived from the opium trade that flourished in the far east around this time.  This trade was principally established by the British East India Company and controlled by Baring Brothers bank.  Later, the London branch of Rothschilds bank supplanted Barings in controlling the trade.  According to some observers, today’s massive global trade in narcotics remains under the control of these shadowy groups. 

 The Secret Occult Rituals of the Skull and Bones

 The new candidate for initiation into the 322 Chapter of the Order of the Skull and Bones, is presented in the character of a slave.  Asked what has brought him to this condition, he ritually responds “Society, the State, Submissiveness, False Religion.”  Next, a human skeleton – said to have been stolen from a grave – is pointed out to him.  At the feet of the skeleton lay a crown and a sword.  The initiate is asked whether this is a skeleton of a King, a Nobleman or a Beggar?  Unable to say which it is, he is told “the character of being a man is the only one of importance.  Amongst its initiates, the Order is known as “The Brotherhood of Death.”  Not least, this has led to speculation regarding its close association with the rise of Hitler and Nazisim.  One American journalist who wrote a feature article on the Order for Esquire magazine charged that remnants of Hitler’s own private collection of silver is now housed in the Order’s building at Yale University.

 More Skull and Bones Occult Rituals

 According to a Skull and Bones document unearthed in 1940, the Order’s so called “Sacred Room” has the following inscription etched into the arch wall above the entranceway” Who was the fool, who was the wise man, beggar or King?  Whether poor or rich, all’s the same in death.”  Members of the order are taught the value of “ambiguity and secrecy” as essential instruments for wielding power in later life.  Writer’s Paul Goldstein and Jeffrey Steinberg say that Bonesmen are also taught that “although ideas have their place, to truly transform history, military force is almost always required.”  They also claim that an integral part of Bones philosophy is the “Double-cross system,” represented by the crossed bones of the Order’s emblem.  According to this, non initiates or outsiders - referred to as “Gentiles and vandals” can be readily lied to and manipulated to further the Order’s long-term global interests.

 The Order and War

 Bonesman, Henry Stimson, was the Secretary of War during WW11.  His circle of close friends and advisers, many of them also Bonesmen, are credited with financing the rise of Hitler and Nazism.  Stimson’s protégé, John McCloy, was appointed High Commissioner to Germany at the war’s end.  During this time tens of thousands of Nazi war criminals were permitted to either escape or were actively recruited by the US military and intelligence community.  The Stimson Circle, which additionally included Dean Acheson, Harvey and William Bundy, Averell Harriman and Gen. George Marshall are said to have been responsible for shaping America’s post war foreign policy to ensure the creation of the Cold war.  Bonesmen are also believed to have been responsible for escalating the Vietnam war, knowing it couldn’t be won.  Manufacturing war is part and parcel of the Order’s secret Hegelian dialectic that by forcing the clash of opposites, a new synthesis is formed.  This, ultimately, will result in a New World order under their control.

 The Yom Kippur War

 Author F. William Engdahl believes that the October 1973, Yom Kippur war between Israel, Egypt and Syria, was orchestrated by Dr. Henry Kissinger – then the National Security Adviser to President Nixon.  A protégé of David Rockerfeller – a banker and oil Baron – Kissinger worked to further the goals of the Bilderberg Group, who decided in their May 1973, meeting in Sweden to hike the price of oil by 400%.  The purpose of this strategy was designed to financially cripple Germany and Japan – seen as emerging and competeing financial powers.  However, the primary purpose was to ensure the resulting hundreds of billions in “Petro-dollar” were invested in London and New York banks.  This, would support and stabilise the dollar which, following its de-coupling from the Gold standard in 1970 was under intense pressure to devalue. 


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