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About David Guyatt

Following a twenty eight year career in investment banking (Member AIBD) based in the City of London, David’s last position was Associate Director & Treasurer of the Forfaiting division of a major international bank. Aged 56 years, he is married with three children and pursues a career writing in a variety of mediums as well as researching and producing factual material on a wide range of associated subjects.

David has prepared background papers on Anti Personnel Electromagnetic Weapons for the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) following an invitation to speak on the subject at their 1996 international symposium in Montreaux, Switzerland. He was a contributing member of ICRCs SIrUS Project that sought to define criteria for judging Abhorrent Weapons.

He has written for the World Development Movement on his “insiders” knowledge of international weapons financing. Using his insiders knowledge of weapons financing he assisted in the two-part World In Action TV documentary that exposed Britain’s weapon trail to Indonesia, broadcast in April 1997. Additionally, he assisted Swiss TV in their documentary programme on Non Lethal Weapons broadcast in early 1997. He has also written a number of feature articles that are available for free download on this website.

David has spent the last eight years investigating the story of gold and other treasures plundered by the Axis powers during WWII and what became of these vast riches. His electronic manuscript THE SECRET GOLD TREATY reveals many hitherto secrets that have surrounded this fifty-year-old enigma. He has also published a companion volume called THE PROJECT HAMMER FILE, and has followed up with PROJECT HAMMER RELAODED. Presently, he continues working on follow-up investigations of these and related matters.



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