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**NEW** Princes of Plunder - The Shape of Treachery and the Bridge at Arnhem
Focuses on events of the Second World War; the taking to safety of nazi plunder by an international coterie of wealthy and privileged families and leading Allied corporations working with the nazis. And lays out why this author believes that Operation Market Garden, - "A Bridge Too Far" -was betrayed and by whom, and how this factored in to the death of deputy fuehrer, Rudolf Hess.
**NEW** The Kiss of Death - by Leuren Morat
A nuclear weapons lab whistleblower reveals the shady dealings and elite agenda that lurks behind the 2005 privatisation of the US nuclear weapons industry, as well as detailing the use of space-based directed energy weapons to effect thought and mood control in large populations.
**NEW** Remote Behavioral Infleunce Technology Evidence - by John J McMurtrey M C
A must-read update on present mind-contol technology that compliments my own 1996 paper for the International Committee of the Red Cross entitled "Some Aspects of Anti Personnel Electromagnetic Weapons". In addition to detailing technology that can infleunce thoughts and behaviour in a given target, the author provides information about the development of technology able to remotely "read" a person's thoughts.
The Spoils of War
The latest article in the Project Hammer-black gold series of articles and books. This essay focuses on some of the more obscure background history and offers rational explanations for such enigmatic stories as the Priory of Sion, as well as connecting dots on the Order of Shickshinny knights.
The Origins of the Federal Reserve (recommend you right mouse click & "save target as" to selected folder)
The authorative study of the US Federal Reserve by respected Professor of Economics, Murray Rothbard (pdf file - right click with mouse and then click "Save Target as" to download).
Masters of Persuasion (recommend you right mouse click & "save target as" to selected folder)
Power, Politics, Money Laundering, Nazi's, Mind Control, Murder and Medjugorje (pdf file - right click with mouse and then click "Save Target as" to download).
The Carone Deposition
The explosive "sealed" deposition of Dee Ferdinand Carone, daughter of the late Al Carone, providing important insights in to a number of stories featured on this site including: CIA involvement in narcotics business as outlined in Deep Black & the Cutolo affidavit, plus some background on the Nugan Hand Bank affair - which features in the downloadable Dossier The Project Hammer File.  For an excellent and detailed background story on Al Carone's life and activities for the US military, the CIA and the Mafia, I recommend a visit to  Mike Ruppert's site 
The Big Picture
A 9.7 megabyte zip file in Adobe Acrobat prepared by former Green Beret, Bill Tyree.  This document details Tyree's personal knowledge of Operation Amadeus, Operation Watchtower and many other activities that he was involved in.  This is an ideal companion document to be read in conjunction with The Carone Deposition (above) and also the two-part feature article Deep Black 1 & 2 plus Holy Smoke & Mirrors, as well as other feature article on this site.
Secret Gold Treaty
A review/blurb of  The Secret Gold Treaty book
Holy Smoke & Mirrors
Digging deep into the Vatican's post WW11 connections to the CIA, Mafia & Knights Templars


The Battle for Aum Shinrikyo
A deeper look into the Japanese cult and its involvement with the Tokyo subway Sarin attack
Biological Black Magic
Gulf War Syndrome and the use of chemical & biological weapons in the Gulf war
The Electronic Black Market
Banknotes, gold, diamonds, cigarettes - the digital black market is big and getting ever bigger
Circle of Power
"Le Cercle" remains one of the mysterious think tanks that fixes things behind the scenes.
Deep Black 1 & 2
A shocking look at the CIA controlled narcotics business revealed by insiders
Doom Weapons
Were Tesla type doom weapons secretly tested in the Australian outback in 1995?
Future War Future Weapons
A look at the war warfare will be fought in the new millennium
Gangsters Paradise
When Russia went belly-up in the 1991 the gangsters appeared from nowhere?  Or did they?
Operation Gladio
The less than pleasant origins of NATO's nazi-staffed "stay-behind" units to fight communism
Group 13
Does the British government have a deniable assassination squad?
Hirohito's Gold
Internationally acclaimed author Sterling Seagrave nails some secrets about WW11 gold
Some Aspects of Anti Personnel Electromagnetic Weapons
An investigative paper prepared for the International Committee of the Red Cross
In Defence of the Indefensible
The British governments proclivity for being a merchant of death - UK Arms PLC
Killing Me Softly
The Pentagon's new fangled "soft kill technologies" that are designed to pacify but not kill
Kiss The Boys Goodbye
The disgrace and dark abyss that surrounds US prisoners of war captured during the Vietnam war
Lockerbie - The Syrian Connection
The narcotics trafficking, gun-running and money-laundering cover-up of Pan Am flight 103
Subverting The Media
 No such beast as a free press exists.  Long ago it fell under the control of the CIA and others
Non Lethal Death
Thought Control in an age of sinister gadgets and hidden agenda's
The New World Order & Elite Think Tanks - Part 1
Delving into the elite private "think tanks" that "influence" policy throughout the world
The New World Order & Elite Think Tanks - Part 2
A continuing look at the global elite with a focus on the Order of the Skull & Bones
Did The Pentagon Manufacture AIDS s A Biological Weapon?
The title says it all and the evidence if not compelling is persuasive
Operation Black Dog
World exclusive expose of two top secret US chemical & bio weapons strikes against Iraq
Target Libya
How and why the Rreagan Administration demonised Libya's Colonel Qaddafi
Terminal Velocity
The bullet that killed Police Woman Yvonne Fletcher outside the Libyan embassy in 1984 was CIA
The Mystery of Flight Zulu Delta
What really happened to the RAF helicopter that crashed on the Mull of Kintyre?
Unit 731 - Part 1
The dark story of Japanese WW11 biological warfare experiments and how the west covered it up
Unit 731 - part 2
Delving deeper into the origins of biological warfare and secret experiments on the public
Who Killed Yitzak Rabin
Was Israeli Prime Minister Yitzak Rabin was assassinated by his own security service?
The Pegasus File - Part 1
The Story of Gene "Chip" Tatum, a member of the CIA's top secret Pegasus unit
The Pegasus File - Part 2
more of Chip Tatum's intriguing story
The Octopus
The criminal military & intelligence cabal that runs drugs and guns
Who brought down President Richard Nixon?
CIA Drug Trafficking
The evidence of CIA involvement in the drugs trade
The Money Fountain
Looking at the dark side of international finance




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