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Errata, Criticism & Cock-up


Masters of Persuasion
Tom Mooney writes: "Great minor error I noticed...on page 10/11 you say Angleton was fired by JFk..It was Dulles, Bissel, and Cabell thst JFK fired...Angleton was canned in 1975(?) as a fall guy when the Church commitee discovered the mail opening domestic program by the CIA."


Thanks Tom, for pointing out this error.
Deep Black 1 & 2

John Rofheart writes: "Please don't spell Colombia with a "u" unless you are talking about the university. It detracts from your credibility.

Thanks for letting me share . . ."


No, John, it doesn't detract from my credibility... it just means I can't spell Colombia correctly. But thanks for sharing your proclivity for exxageration (of which more below - see "Watergate").
The Project hammer File

Anonymous writes that the exhibits section contains two-pages of a gold contract between Eastech International Bank and Dr. Gordon D. Battisto. Each page of this contract bears an official stamp that I have incorrectly identified as originating from the Swiss Security Police. The stamp is, in fact, that of the South African Security Police.


My thanks for taking the time to advise me of this mistake.
The Spoils of War

Chico22 writes: "The Prieure de Sion, according to Plantard's rather creative stories, claims an ancient hiearchical affiliation with the long-gone Knights Templar, not SMOM, au contraire..."



My apologies to Chico22 and others for mistaking SMOM for the Knights Templars - a temporary mind "blip" that will not be repeated.
Hank Haldeman sent the followings email: "I am sure you're just great at exposing deep, black lies. However, I would think that you would at least be able to keep generations straight. Tens of millions of people, quite literally, can identify for you "H.R. (Bob) Haldeman". But a tiny percentage of those would recognize "Hank Haldeman". There is NO H.R. (Hank) Haldeman! I am Hank Haldeman and Bob Haldeman was my father. All I can say is that you GROSSLY undermine any credibility to which you may aspire by not getting right that which thousands of newspaper and national magazine articles took for general knowledge!

Perhaps most disappointing, a simple search of the internet would have instantly revealed to you your error. In just what level of investigation do you indulge?


I regret any upset caused in what is obviously and understandably a sensitive issue for you.

I would argue, however, that an error of this nature is not as uncommon in journalism as you appear to think and to that extent is not "material" to the body of the article.

Flight Zulu Delta
David Robertson writes: "If you are going to put such a catalogue of events onto the web please be accurate.
The first line reads a 'British Army Chinook'! The Army do not have the ability to fly Chinooks, all helicopters with the exception of the few Army Air Corps and Navy Lynx and Gazelles (with the Navy and RAF with Sea Kings and Merlins in addition) are all RAF budgeted, crewed by airmen and maintained by airmen at RAF bases , they are also not black. Much of the web page are extracts from tabloids and bear little factual evidence. Please if you do not know what you are talking about in the first few lines of your web refrain from putting information inito the public domain."



Thanks for your comments. Some Chinooks are black. For example, those used by special forces. My article was 2,000 words long and, sadly, errors do happen, despite every effort taken. Your email was 124 words and whoops, an error. See how easy it is...

See picture and description of a RAF "matt black Chinook" by aviation photographer Philip Stevens at




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