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PLEASE NOTE that each download is unique to the computer you download to.  If you try to copy to another computer, laptop, pocket-PC or Digibook etc., it will not open without another new password being keyed in.  It is, therefore, vital that you decide in advance which machine you wish to download to in order to avoid unnecessary duplication of effort. 

 UNLOCK KEYS: each e-book is locked in an anti-piracy programme. The steps to follow to unlock your e-book are:

1) download the e-book and browse to the "password protected" page. Note down the password number.

2) return to the home page of this site and click on the link "Unlock keys for e-book HERE" towards the top of the page.

3) Select your password number from the left hand column and marry it up against the title of the e-book you wish to unlock, and you'll find you unlock key. Ir couldn't be simpler.

4) Don't email me asking for unlock keys - I won't reply.

COPYRIGHT: all information, books, articles, dossiers or other products on this site are made available on the clear condition that they are non-transferable, copyright protected intellectual property.

PC's VERSUS MAC's: All e-books on this site are compatible with Windows based PC's.  Downloads are embedded in a small and nifty Active E-Book execute file.  Active E-Books  may run on newer versions of Mac's which have a good Windows emulator.  





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