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THE BILDERBERG FILE presents copies of rare Elite papers and other important documents.

Read the actual Bilderberg meeting report of the 1973 Conference.  The report comprises approximately 70 pages and includes the Introduction by H R H Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands.  

Also included is the official list of attendees - and a "real" participant list that includes US Secretary of State, Dr. Henry Kissinger whose name was excised from the "official" list - plus the 57-page minutes covering the First Item on the Agenda that discusses the need for an oil price rise.

Saudi Minister of oil Sheihk Yamani has now gone on record to say that he "is 100% sure that the Americans were behind the increase in the price of oil" back in 1973 and 1974.  He adds that "they had borrowed a lot of money and they needed a high oil price to save them."  Read the entire text of Sheihk Yamani's 14th January 2001 interview HERE

For those who have a special interest in "power groups" included in the "Bilderberg Pack" is a free bonus content in the form of a list of members of the "Parlour Club" that former Chairman of the Astra arms group, Gerald James, has identified as the unelected government or "Cabal" of the United Kingdom.  Also read Gerald James's account of the significance of the Parlour Club.

There is also a list of members "clubs"  and a few other miscellaneous but related papers including a Corporate Member List of the European-Atlantic Group (EAG) dated 1987. 

The EAG was founded in 1954 - the same year as the Bilderberg Conference also an "Atlanticist" grouping - to specifically support and promote NATO and the Council of Europe.  In my book THE SECRET GOLD TREATY, I make special mention of the significance of 1954 and detail many other events suggesting this was a critical year for Elite ambitions.

Perhaps of significance is the fact that new Conservative Party leader, Iaian Duncan-Smith, was the featured speaker at an EAG Dinner in January 2001.  This was his first attendance in that capacity and may hint at the real power of promotion this think-tank really possesses.

Other parallels of the EAG with Bilderberg include Vice President, the Rt. Hon. Peter Lord Carrington, who is also on the board of Kissinger Associates.  The Rt. Hon. Lord Chalfont - a one time luminary of the intelligence services is also a Vice President. 

Earlier Dinner speakers at EAG meetings have included H. R. H. The Duke of Edinburgh, The Rt. Hon. William Waldegrave, former Cabinet Minister and Trustee of the Rhodes Trust from 1992, General Alexander Haig, Zbigniew Brezezinski, Dr. Franz Josef Strauss and also Sheihk Yamani.  The EAG is one of those elite bodies that receive very little attention but which boasts a glittering array of past and present members of the international power elite.

THE BILDERBERG FILE is now available for easy download in an 11.1 MB zip file.

Erratum: Please note that a prior reference on this page asserting that Dr. Gerhard Schroeder was the current German Chancellor was in error. It was a different Dr. Schroeder referenced by Prince Bernhard. Thanks to Nicholas Levis for pointing this out.


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