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The Truth Behind World War II Gold, Nazi Plunder & Elite Plans To Control Our Financial Future

THE SECRET GOLD TREATY is available as a download file (Size: 14.8 Megabytes zip file) and has been pre-formatted with a powerful and easy to use print option pre-set to produce a high quality printed hard copy book for the comfort of "armchair" reading. 


THE SECRET GOLD TREATY Exposes many of the darkest secrets that the financial elite prayed would never be made public. It unveils the shocking truth about gold looted during WWII and how immense quantities of this black market gold has been used as a secret funding back-bone for the CIA during the cold war. 

The book reveals the hidden history surrounding the ouster of Indonesia's President Sukarno and lays bare the reason behind Philippine President Ferdinand Marcos's sudden flight from office. 

THE SECRET GOLD TREATY takes you behind the black curtain of deniable covert operations and financial intrigue by banking cartels and powerful organisations of the financial elite. Above all, THE SECRET GOLD TREATY lays bare the most artfully protected secret of them all... that gold is not at all rare!


  "David Guyatt is a resourceful, impeccable researcher, which his forthright book reveals.  I recommend it strongly.  Both Guyatt and world history demonstrate that over centuries gold has represented fiscal honesty and stability, the abuse of it dishonesty via venal politics at their worst."

ARTHUR HAILEY-- Author of The Moneychangers, Airport, Hotel, Strong Medicine, The Evening News and other books published worldwide in 40 languages. 


"Excellent and highly informative. Guyatt makes a solid case that in reality the world is awash with gold. Documentation is first class. Clearly authentic.. Who would go to the expense of forging this many prime documents? A must read for every gold bug and conspiracy enthusiast"

ANTONY SUTTON - Author of: Technological Treason, America's Secret Establishment, The Diamond Connection, Gold versus Paper, Wall Street and The Rise of Hitler, The War on Gold, Energy, the Created Crisis, Wall Street and The Bolshevik Revolution, Trilaterals Over Washington (parts 1 & 2), Western Technology and Soviet Economic Development (volumes 1-3), National Suicide: Military Aid to the Soviet Union in 1973, Introduction to The Order, The Secret Cult of The order, How The Order Controls Education, How The Order Creates War & Revolution and The View From 4 Space.


"THE SECRET GOLD TREATY is full of startling revelations about the global black gold market and secret corruption at the top. David Guyatt's well researched account of what was behind the Peter Johnston "sting" and the Sukarno hoard are alone worth the price of this CD."

STERLING SEAGRAVE - Author of: The Yamato Dynasty, The Marcos Dynasty, The Soong Dynasty, Yellows Rain, Soldiers of Fortune and Lords of the Rim.


"London based GATA fan and supporter David Guyatt has a new book out and it is my pleasure to bring it to your attention."

BILL MURPHY - Chairman of the Gold Anti Trust Action group (GATA) and owner of the highly respected LeMetropoleCafe on-line gold news service ( 


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