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THE PROJECT HAMMER FILE is the companion volume to THE SECRET GOLD TREATY, and is the culmination of six years intensive investigation.  It reveals, for the first time, how huge sums of money get "created" by governments and international banks working in collaboration in deep privacy.  The story is backed with copies of over 100 images of corroborating documents, including incredibly important sworn depositions.

One of these was given by US Brigadier General Erle Cocke, a major player in the world of covert operations and the former Washington "office" of the CIA's Nugan Hand Bank.
Erle Cocke was a banker before a black operative - but he combined both skills working quietly as a fixer for "every President since Truman." He was an Alternate Executive Director of the World Bank for four years and a
member of the US delegation to the UN for two years running, with the pay and rank of a US Ambassador. General Cocke was also a Knight of Malta and a Shriner Mason. He died 10 days after making his deposition.
What he says in his deposition is explosive. He leaves no doubt about the reality of the secretive world of Collateral Trading Programmes and how they produce "from thin air" hundreds of billions and trillions of dollars in the blink of an electronic eye. 

Trading Programmes use black gold, diamonds and other assets plundered during WWII as backing collateral.  These assets cannot be openly sold, as doing so would have devastating consequences for the price of gold in the open market and also reveal the long hidden secret that more gold exists than is officially admitted.  The only way to “monetise” black gold and other non-existent assets is via placement in leveraged Trading Programmes.  In this manner the value of the gold used as collateral can be “magicked” into being in secret in a matter of a few weeks.  Once the programmes completes, the gold is automatically unencumbered and therefore become “free” again.  In this way, the same gold can be used again and again and again – extracting its full market value numerous times over.
* Once created these slush funds are used in a variety of way. Read how.

* Find out why former Nugan Hand Bank boss, General Erle Cocke, fingers former Citibank Chairman & CEO, John Reed.

* Learn how TRILLIONS of dollars are created in the blink of an electronic eye for later use in covert operations.

* See how the dirty profits from the drugs n' guns trade are privately laundered
through the banking system -- it isn't like you think it is.

* Discover the South African connection to the Nugan Hand story.

* Read how the Chinese military controlled the South African spook bank that took over where Nugan Hand Bank left off. Why was a mainland Chinese General in the Seventh Army region of Xin Xong running this bank?

* What was East Germany's Stasi intelligence connection to this whole affair?

* What about the NEW French Connection? Seven months before the Berlin Wall came down, did the French central bank issue a US$7 billion Gold Bullion Certificate to Erich Honecker, East Germany's then Head of State?  Was Honecker bought off in a secret deal?  See a copy of the Gold Certificate and decide for yourself.

* How do Britain's private spook and intelligence network, Executive Outcomes and Sandline, fit in to this picture? 

These and many other issues are addressed in the ground-breaking story THE PROJECT HAMMER FILE.

THE PROJECT HAMMER FILE comes with almost 100 pages of images including the explosive 67-page deposition of Brigadier General Erle Cocke who was cross-examined just ten days prior to his death.  Other documents include a 9-page deposition of South African intelligence operative Rolf van Rooyen (a.k.a. Rolf Rondine).  Also shown are never seen before copies of bank wire transfers through the Federal Reserve system showing Trading Programme activity. Tranfers for US$100 billion at a time are commonplace.

THE PROJECT HAMMER FILE is now available for fast download in a 5.75 megabyte zip file which opens into a nifty Active E-book browser compatible with Windows based PC's.  The Project Hammer story summary      comes specially pre-formatted with a powerful and easy to use print option preset to produce a high quality printed hard copy document that is ideally suited for the comfort of "armchair" reading. 

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