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PROJECT HAMMER RELOADED is the continuation of the investigation into Project Hammer and provides greater background details and insight into the origination of Collateral Trading Programmes and use made of WWII gold and other assets plundered by Japan and Germany.

It is reccomended that readers unfamiliar with this story should firstly read THE SECRET GOLD TREATY, followed by THE PROJECT HAMMER FILE - both of which will provide the necessary background to Project Hammer Reloaded. These e-books are freely available from this website.

You may also be interested to read my essay THE SPOILS OF WAR which is available in the "Articles" section of this website and also review the posts made on the home page relating to the CIA denial of any knowledge of General Erle Cocke

PROJECT HAMMER RELOADED is vailable for fast download in a 7.80 megabyte zip file which opens into a nifty Active E-book browser compatible with Windows based PC's.  The Project Hammer Reloaded summary comes specially pre-formatted with a powerful and easy to use print option preset to produce a high quality printed hard copy document that is ideally suited for the comfort of "armchair" reading. 

Or click HERE to read about THE SECRET GOLD TREATY and HERE to read about THE PROJECT HAMMER FILE



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